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YouTube Is Trying to Ban Me

YouTube Is Trying to Ban Me

Published on June 13, 2022

YouTube is trying to ban me from posting. When this video was originally posted on YouTube May 18th 2022, I had received a warning from YouTube regarding my content. Since then, I have received a strike on my channel for a video uploaded nearly a year ago. YouTube is trying to get my channel deleted

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Category : Education
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YT sucks! They censor all cannabis content. It's not just you.
I had a cannabis related channel a year ago and they harassed me so bad I ended up on WeedTube. But now I said screw it and I upload on both platforms, in the event that YouTube gets a hair up their ass. What I don't understand is that the majority of the states are legal! Also YouTube is trying very hard to be another family type network platform.
puffpuffbean 3 months ago
Youtubes stance on cannabis content is so shite I hope they get their shit together.