Working The Wedding Cake Veg; Lightrail Light Mover

Working The Wedding Cake Veg; Lightrail Light Mover



Published on October 22, 2020

In this episode of our WeedTube life ...

I'm working in the veg room trying to get the canopy to even up & talk about the Lightrail Light Mover, how I use it and my opinion in it as a tool.

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SKEastCoast 10 months ago
I like how you bought a water table and tray. I have that same 4x4 plastic tray. Mine was damaged in the corner. So, I got it half price. I had to cut the corner anyway to make it fit around a HVAC pipe in the floor. The room looks nice. Having those drip feeders is like having extra employees for free. Great video. Plants look good.
Wabbit 10 months ago
as always fully explaining your process and line of thought in what you do in your garden, puts things into perspective for those wanting to maybe try out some of the gear your using(lightrail is a perfect example)keep up the hard work man, stay safe and happy growing
ksbjj 10 months ago
looking good bro
DLgrower 10 months ago
Looking good, keep up the great work! I always enjoy your videos, thanks for taking the time, Happy growing!
bluhousegrow 10 months ago
everything lookin great you give alot of information thanks for that happy growing
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