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WISO #11 Fire Leaf Collective Review and Crazy Ramblin's

WISO #11 Fire Leaf Collective Review and Crazy Ramblin's

Published on December 12, 2020

Kind of a long one this time. Tried doing things a little differently. I start off showing you guys a medical issue I've been having with my eye lmao......then kinda give you a run down on what's going to be coming up in the "episode". I have started doing a number based system on

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SKEastCoast 2 years ago
I was thinking about how you said you need help. I hear ya. So, to help out I can send you a free sample of my seeds if you can pay for shipping. Depending on where you live anywhere from $10-$20 for shipping. We all could use a little help sometimes. Email me so we can talk more [email protected] Sometimes I go a day or two without checking my email. I have ADD real bad.