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WINNERS Picked 8-7-21

WINNERS Picked 8-7-21

Published on August 08, 2021

Time to find out who won today. Some good laughs along the way. Thank you all for entering. I hope these seeds serve you well. Spreading the love.

Email: [email protected]

Category : Growing/Gardening
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Ha ha ha! By the way man, the darts draw was definitely entertaining to watch! I was starting to think you might want to call in a professional dart slinger! Lol! Take care!
Congrats to the lucky winners
stoner1 1 year ago
congrats to all the winners. some fine genetics coming your way. nice contest SK.keep growing and stay safe everyone 🙏
Hey SK, how goes it my friend! Another seed giveaway eh! Right on! Congrats to the winners! Some nice looking flowers there buddy! I got the new 680w array setup and running in my 5x5 now and really looking forward to growing under it this run! Can't wait to see how these Runtz Muffins grow out! Anyways my friend keep up the great content! See you around! Grow those buds frosty! PCC.
NICE! Really cool way to pick winners! Great contest man.