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Why I Use Medical Cannabis

Why I Use Medical Cannabis

Published on April 25, 2019
Trigger warnings: Pregnancy, Childbirth, ectopic pregnancy, Self-harm, Mental illness,medical trauma.This isn't a happy, or a short video overall, sorry everyone who likes seeing me a bit more chipper, I'm having a hard time with this cold weather. I'm posting this video now because I&
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Category : Education
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ironjesus883 11 months ago
I really appreciate your story. I understand feeling odd about the stigmatization and ignorance against those of us who use medical cannabis. I am a Pastor of a church that suffers with pain, depression, anxiety, and barley get any meaningful sleep. And I feel like I have to hide this part of my life from those within the church because they lack the understanding and reasoning for the use of cannabis for medical issues. I do know that some people are part of a medical cannabis program just so that they can get high legally. But there are also a lot of us who actually benefit medically from the use of cannabis, and that’s another reason why I think people feel awkward about talking about it. I hope it is OK, but I would like to pray for you in my own personal prayer time. And again I appreciate you telling your story because the many stories that validate the medical use of cannabis the better. Because in my mind that will remove the stigmatism away from medical marijuana.