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Why I smoke WEED- Dab sesh

Why I smoke WEED- Dab sesh

Published on October 15, 2020

I noticed the category, and decided to share with y'all my reasons for smoking weed. I hope you enjoy the video

Category : Why I Smoke Weed
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dopedev420 1 year ago
sending you so much love <3 <3 <3 <3 Sorry you had to go through all of that.
Blazed_Binx 1 year ago
sorry about your past. I had a pretty crappy one too but in a different way. I love your videos my new friend!!!
GramJam 1 year ago
Glad your still with us to share that, thank you. Sometimes its nice to get it all out there so they understand a bit, and by 'they' I only mean those who had the luxury of a 'normal' childhood. I've always tried to think it gave me a leg up in the world, being wise to the true fuckery of the world at an early age kept my friends and I safe in more than a few sketch situs'. And maybe got us into shit earlier than we should have as well. haha. Fuuuuuuck. That took some courage and a few dabs to get that out, so thanks for sharing the uncomfortable. :) Cheers to stable days, and dabs that you can seemly reheat forever! hahaha. I love those.
purplemyrindica 1 year ago
Sorry about your past seems like you turned out dope!! (See what I did there!!) love the first time smoking story!!
medicineshouse.online 1 year ago
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