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Who am I and what am I doing here

Who am I and what am I doing here

Im sorry about the quality. Im trying to fix it now...

Hi I'm Jess or MelloCheesecake! Im really new to being on camera so ignore my awkwardness. I've thought about uploading videos in the past but never felt comfortable enough to post them on YouTube. Thank you to everyone who was apart of getting thi

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Category : New Tubers
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weedanwine 4 years ago
Welcome! Cool first video, I also use weed for my anxiety and depression. Also slightly surprising you had trouble finding stoner anime fans, it seems to be quite common. But yeah I like anime, although haven't watched much recently as I got really into watching D&D streams.
kingindica 4 years ago
Good video. I’m not really into anime but I wanna find more to watch

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