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White Opium One Plant Grow #3

White Opium One Plant Grow #3

Published on August 07, 2021

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This plant is filling out nice. Low stress training continues. Nutrients are being absorbed and this girl looks healthy. Im maximizing plant size currently. Im in no real hurry andgoing for a personal best on this grow 3.0

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Category : Growing/Gardening
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base79 1 year ago
Impressed on the way you filled this 3x3! Tempted on buying 1 myself to try just this. Imo you will get way more the 3 oz! Looks very healthy bro!
Thud 1 year ago
Hey HighSeeker, Ever tried GrowSafe with Corn Oil and Canola Oil for White Powder Mildew? I just had 3 days high Ass humidity and I got the Cooties! I wiped it off with wet paper towels after blasting it off with 1 tsp 35% H2O2 per Quart H2O, and I am now spraying GrowSafe. I have used Mighty just for Mildew prevention but never in Flower. This stuff you can use until the day of harvest.
Garden looks great. New video is up.
Nice set up you got there! Cheers
Hey go watch my last video.