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Where Did The Moon Come From?? || Stoner Thoughts

Where Did The Moon Come From?? || Stoner Thoughts

Published on January 16, 2021

Hey everyone and welcome to a new episode of Stoner Thoughts! This episode is all about the moon and its origin... Where do you think it came from? Comment down below!!!Download Hempire:

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GypsyDaze 2 years ago
I guess I’ll be watchingwatching these videos they’re actually good
LostRoyal 2 years ago
I love this series, but just like, as a science student: hearing you say "a theory is just a guess" was just... nope. I make guesses all the time about what is going on out in space, it's fun - but a theory has to have facts behind it, and have to hold up to critism from the community. Gravity is a theory, but it's certainly more likely to be right than anything I've ever thought of. Just wanted to add to the discussion, still can't wait for the next epsiode!
Infalung78 2 years ago
another good episode Arend I have heard that theory before of the Moon being hollow but that was 20 or 25 years ago this is the first time I've heard of that since then it does make you wonder looking forward to next week. ✌
Do you watch Doctor Who? I think you'd love it. There was a really great episode about the moon where it was collapsing and about to break apart and earth wanted to blow it up so it didn't hurt earth, lmao. But the moon turned out to be something super cool, don't wanna say too much and spoil it, but it's a really great series.