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What's Growing On!

What's Growing On!

This video..I encourage people to move their channels to TheWeedTube! Folks need to know it is not JUST for weed..there are other categories for videos channels! I hope more migrate! TheWeedTube has growing pains..but they ARE growing..I hope they are ready for the MASS exodus they will be coming ov
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Category : Cooking w/ Cannabis
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mrsvolfie 4 years ago you are a manager/coordinator/site developer/owner Of THE WEED TUBE? Just because Those are the people using THOSE categories..does not mean it is just for weed culture..
smokeweed 4 years ago
Um yea, it is for weed. Dont try changing the platforms core values. If you look under gaming for example. You find Fortnite and Dabs. if you check out the LGBT section its about same sex roomates bonding over bong rips. WEEDTUBE. For weed. The weed Life style.
MrsBuckeye 3 years ago
HONEY - I'm home !! (Sher :) )