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What You Need and Don't Need as A New Cannabis Grower

What You Need and Don't Need as A New Cannabis Grower

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Category : Growing/Gardening
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Infalung7 1 month ago
that was a really good video I think you touched on quite a few good subjects I grew my first plants back in 1975 all I did up until 1995 was gorilla farmed basically I live in a rural town in Illinois it's mostly farmland in the area and I'll tell you what I'm still learning things today a lot of those subjects you brought up were were very good subjects when you talked about the temperature and humidity whether or not to have a hygrometer and thermometer I agree you can do without the hygrometer but I think you need a thermometer because if your temps get too high you run a very good chance of hermaphrodites I just went through that one of my girls was getting too much light and I ended up with some seeds in it that was a very valuable lesson and pH I agree some people can use water right out of the tap without having to pH it my water Runs about 9.23 so I really have to pH my water and I grow in soil it's forgiving but only to a certain point catch you on the flip side my brother. ✌
dopedev420 1 month ago
Great upload! 🙌
MrKush815 1 month ago
definitely some great tips!! and the first tip I actually follow I use my closet and it works for me.. I eventually wanna get a tent too

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