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What You CAN Grow W/ Non-grow Bulbs + Canada Weed News

What You CAN Grow W/ Non-grow Bulbs + Canada Weed News

Published on November 22, 2019

Today some Canadian cannabis industry news; my thoughts on over-regulation, the retailer store rollout as well as a discussion of grow light elitism...featuring a viewer's grow that was made by mixing just a pair of plain hardware store LED twist-ins in different spectrums.

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Category : Growing/Gardening
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Just moved to Colorado, and it's a similar vibe with the overregulation. Alcohol kills, and it just sits on store shelves. Cannabis requires an ID check to get in the waiting room, and a second check inside the store itself. You won't go to jail, but you're still pretty much treated like an addict. Baby steps, I guess. Seems neither Canada not America can be brave and do big things anymore. Also, I started with 8 x 23w CFL from Walmart with splitters and wiring from Home Depot, and pzza boxes as reflectors. Yield? 184w used and 140g was my best yield. Usually around 120g.
centaur 3 years ago
Sorry Lex , I get my dirt at Walmart and it works fine.
K.Hill 3 years ago
Thanks Lex.. Excellent video. I'm thinking of building a light just like your friend did. Now I know it will work. Thanks from Nebraska
Thank God the light in history is in regulated

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