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What PPM's Do I Feed My Plants? (Daily Exclusive WeedTube Upload)

What PPM's Do I Feed My Plants? (Daily Exclusive WeedTube Upload)

Published on September 06, 2019

In this video I break down and give you guys a good ballpark idea of the ppm's I feed my plants. We are in Coco and perlite, and we feed exclusively nutrients.

Category : Growing/Gardening
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TheCaveMan 3 years ago
If feeding 2x daily (coco) - should my ppm's be 1/2 the dosage? (ex: goal 1000 ppm, feed 500 ppm x2)
I've been hearing about ppms.. Don't have a clue about it
Love your videos brother. thanks for sharing every single day of the wk lol for real. You basically just answered all my questions in one video about ppm numbers in certain plant stages. Greetings from the east coast.
K.Hill 3 years ago
Greetings from Nebraska. How do you get rid of black flies. Little teeny tiny black flies.? they're eating my roots
I’m starting out with coco. I’m running about 650 ppm at week 6 with just a couple leaves lost and no discoloration. Should I have upped my nutes? My lights aren’t as powerful, but I think they are adequate. I don’t have ppfd numbers, but I have a couple cobs and a blurple because I still have it.

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