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What Nutrients/Amendments am I using? | Soil | Water and PH

What Nutrients/Amendments am I using? | Soil | Water and PH

Published on December 19, 2019

Good Evening Everyone!

Thanks for clicking! Today I'm going to go over what nutrients and soil amendments I use. I talk about what I used as a seedling up to today. We talk about Soil, Water and PH as well as some things I do. I also explain my orgainic tea mix. I hope you like this video and f

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Category : Growing/Gardening
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BeardB 3 years ago
as long as you let you tap water set out for 24 hours your tap is 100% ok. if there is not a lot of sulfur in it. after 24 hours the clorane will evaporate out of the water if the water is left open. be careful on your pro cal. it will put double the adminments! thanks for the info. this will also help you when you have a few more grows. thanks for sharing and keep on growing!