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What Its Like To Take A Gram Dab

What Its Like To Take A Gram Dab

Published on September 14, 2018
Shitty days call for monster dabs and this was a doozy! I hope some of you enjoyed this look into what its like to take a gram dab. Have a wonderful day and remember to smile!
Category : WeedTube
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stonedalone 4 years ago
Ooph yeah those dabs are no joke XD
abbymrose94 4 years ago
You got this homie <3
ri11191998 4 years ago
much love brother, i wish you nothing but the best in dealing with the bullshit life throws at us.
serv420 4 years ago
Just know, we all love you and appreciate the dope hilarious content. You even make my day when you're at your worst. Everything will be ok brother!! I wish you all the best ? #teamsmallnips got ya!
Awesome video... as usual. ? But I'd be lying if I didn't say I wasn't concerned for you... I hope everything is ok... Or at least it will be. Once again, not only a great video but excellent content... I now have a video that I can point people towards when they ask me how I take big dabs...???? #thefirsttwoareallterps #afterthatitsallwillpower ?? ?