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What It's Really Like Being a Woman in Cannabis

What It's Really Like Being a Woman in Cannabis

The Cannabis Cutie
Published on August 04, 2022

We're back with the 3rd & final installment of our series with cannabis attorney Meital of Manzuri Law.

Today, we're discussing the pro's and con's of being a woman in cannabis, plus a fun game of "This or That"!

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dopedev420 5 days ago
Oh my gosh!!! I had no idea you could do raspberry leafs 🀯
dopedev420 5 days ago
I stay up if I DON'T smoke.. lol
provisional_air 6 days ago
Thank you both for sitting down to talk about this!! πŸ’š
HarmonySmurf 6 days ago
excellent talk today. when i lived in colorado about 12 years ago, the men had the gardening positions and the women had sales positions at just about every dispensary. it was disgusting. keep rising up folks!

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