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What are Terps?

What are Terps?

Published on April 15, 2022

Hey! This video gives you a brief understanding of what terps are and some common terps you should check out. There are over 160 terps so please do your research and find the right terp for you <3

Dank you for the support follow me everywhere @sstoned_coldd

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Category : Education
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dopedev420 2 months ago
Great upload!! I learned so much πŸ₯°
Ribonatchi 2 months ago
Amazing how this whole time I have been tasting and smelling so many terps and not knowing 100% what they really were πŸ˜… Gotta love how mother nature's beings interact without words! Just scents and aromas! 🌲😊 Not to mention how yummy they are in bongs haha πŸ˜‚ Thanks for the informative video! Happy toking, and don't forget to be prepared for 4/20 coming up!! πŸ‘€ P.S. I love the little black kitty container on your countertop! Also the framed $10 bill speaks facts!!
dopedev420 2 months ago
"To protect and To Attract" Love that lol

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