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West Coast Croppers - May 30, 2022 UPDATE #teamtnb #tnb #tnbnaturals

West Coast Croppers - May 30, 2022 UPDATE #teamtnb #tnb #tnbnaturals

Published on June 09, 2022

Things are looking good in here. We have set up an air conditioner in this space to keep the temps in the right range so we can turn the Mars Hydro FCE8000 back up to 100% power. We should see some good growth now with everything running smoothly together.

The reservoir has been topped up with wate

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Category : Growing/Gardening
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cloneranger 4 weeks ago
I know the price of a fan is high but if you invest in one good fan, that's all you need. Instead of trying to make some work for you. In the time you invest in finding something and getting it to work in your grow area you could order the fan and be done with it. Your fan is important and I would spend what it takes to get at least one good one. The fan should last you at least a couple of years. The plants look great but just think if you have a PM breakout you will wish you had spent the money. This is something that is important for the environment and I would go ahead and bite the bullet for this. That's just me but I can tell you from experience good air movement is so important. Cheers to you and keep growing.

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