Week 9 Of Flower / The Chop / Mars Hydro SP3000

Week 9 Of Flower / The Chop / Mars Hydro SP3000



Published on January 18, 2021

Final days for our final 4 plants out in the flower room!

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Hi, I'm Jay, a priva

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Wabbit 8 months ago
very nice harvest man, those genetics are pretty solid, cant wait to find out what you running next, i think all of us decided to go off with some strains this year, its gonna be great to see, keep up the hard work, stay safe and happy growing
masterblaster 8 months ago
well looks fantastic
Thud 8 months ago
You are blessed with tasty buds! Nice work! Tel;l us more! How do you cure? How long? Humidity? Boveda Packs? After the cure please do a strain review while smoking it.
SKEastCoast 8 months ago
That was awesome. They all looked great. Your DS looked just like mine, but mine was a little smaller. Same looking buds. Doing great man.
Zoltrix Grower 8 months ago
Great harvest man, some really nice looking buds there. You are going to wear your press out soon haha. That dark one looks really nice, makes me look forward to the 2 I have going of it. Your Dragon Slayer is huge! Much bigger than mine was but otherwise looks like the same buds. Mine is really fruity tasting. Have a great week Jay!
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