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week 5 n 2 in the veg cycle  twtgc

week 5 n 2 in the veg cycle twtgc

Published on March 08, 2021
its week 5 and week two here in the veg room in bluhousegrow also showed all the new strains we are starting some that was created at the bluhouse others that will be growing outdoors this grow season and also the bug spray orange gaurd all natural for bugs n spidermites also the atomizer
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Category : Growing/Gardening
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stoner1 2 years ago
nice garden Kenny, how about Gelato Og.keep growing and stay safe brother
Hey hey hey Kenny! How goes the battle my friend? Things are coming along nicely there buddy! I used to run my CO2 at the same level as my nutes! SO if I was feeding at 1200PPM then I would set my CO2 at 1200PPM it seemed to work out great doing it that way! Looks like your getting things all dialed in there bro, got a couple new toys for the room too eh!? Nice! The ladies are looking much better Kenny! Keep up the great content and happy gardening man!
Wabbit 2 years ago
coming along nicely buddy, call it double g or gg, lol she looks like shes gonna be a very nice lady, hahahha stay safe my friend and happy growing
SKEastCoast 2 years ago
Garden looks great. The GOGxGelato plants look the best. Maybe call them Godlato? You are going to have to remind me for the next few videos what the cracklin fritters are again. I forgot.
Garden looks great Kenny. Nice new toy too. I think turning your CO2 down is fine, I think guys running 1200ppm are pushing vpd with high heat and humidity, feeding heavily and pushing the DLI with like 1100 to 1400 par. Take care man hope you are doing well!