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week 4 veg and a tour  twtgc

week 4 veg and a tour twtgc

showing the nxt to flower and a tour of the other ladys
Category : Growing/Gardening
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SKEastCoast 1 year ago
Nice tour. Love the videos. Keep them coming. I just uploaded a smoke sesh video. That GOGxGelato is going to be a short plant. Less than 24 inches. So, let the next one veg for a really long time and you will get bigger buds. Thanks for the tip about the orange bug killer stuff. I'll have to check that out. Eventually, I want to try again the predator mites so I don't have to spray or worry about skipping a day in the garden and coming back to webs all over my tops. I'll go a week or more without seeing them. And, then the one day that I decide to rest that's when they show up. It's just so pricey for predator mites. And, I don't always trust them to send me a jar full of live bugs instead of dead ones. I can't tell if I get dead ones or alive. That's why I'm hesitating to try again. I want to find a better company to buy from. Maybe closer to home so they don't die in a hot or cold truck in the mail.
base79 1 year ago
That dehumidifier looks good. Does it add heat? Good video
ZoltrixGrower 1 year ago
Looking good Kenny, hoping for a good round for ya man. Happy growing!
ProudCanadianCannabis 1 year ago
Looking like your getting ready to rock out another run again there Kenny! I hope you get a nice solid run this go round my friend! You deserve a good run bro! Are you having a deficiency roll through your ladies there Kenny? ( In the first room you showed is where I am asking about!) Or were you fighting mites in there or fighting mites in there right now? The plants where the seedlings are dont look to have it! oh shit well there you go Iwas just asking andnow you are talking about mites in your video! Lol! I have a great prevention spray if your interested I will give you the name! I use it all the time!
BobUnder 1 year ago
G'Day kenny no rest for the wicked Eh ...looking good my brother from a different mother...stay safe watching from Australia.