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week 4 on veg twtgc also contest

week 4 on veg twtgc also contest

Published on April 15, 2022

week 4 of veg using Dr earth these girls are growing fast so to enter contest u have to be subscribed to atleast 2 of my 3 platforms instagram youtube weedtube all same name bluhousegrow ill pick 3 lucky winners good luck pass this along the moe enter the funner it will be cheers

Category : Growing/Gardening
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Wabbit 7 months ago
turn your camera man, all good, solid update to your grow, keep up the hard work my friend, stay safe and happy growing
stoner1 7 months ago
if it's not too late,throw my name in the ring. girls lookin good. keep growing and stay safe brother ๐Ÿ™