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week 4 of flower  twtgc

week 4 of flower twtgc

Published on April 30, 2021
showing week 4 ladies in flower
Category : Growing/Gardening
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Wabbit 1 year ago
right on kenny, looks good man, looks like all your hard work is paying off, across the board plants are looking good and getting bigger and bigger, right on with the working out of the nutrients as well its always good to see things dialed in my friend, keep it up, stay safe and happy growing.......fresh press rosin, mix of c99 and hbh short pheno from my last grow:)
base79 1 year ago
Everything looking good. Never had the Charlotte's webb myself but sounds like a good daytime smoke. Smoking on some sunday driver. Not grown by me but it is fire! Cheap enough too. lol
Looking good Kenny, love the updates! Wake n bakin on some afghan and first bounce hash!
DLgrower 1 year ago
Looking good dude! I've been doing some research on VPD. Something I ran across in Build a soils's youtube channel. It has to do with temperature versus humidity versus CO2 versus light he really explains it in a way easily understood I would highly recommend any of his videos. I made some changes in my room with it and my vegging plants are growing faster and seem more healthy. Happy grown man keep it lit!
rysbigbuds 1 year ago
Looking great man. That Afghan skunk is killer. I got a 1/4lb from both. Hope all is well with you and your family. Keep up the great work and happy growing.