Week 4 Of Flower / Mars Hydro SP3000

Week 4 Of Flower / Mars Hydro SP3000



Published on May 15, 2021

Another quick update in the Flower Room, Week 4 Of Flower.

Thanks for watching I really do appreciate it! Please consider subscribing to my Channel (It’s free!) and stay tuned for new updates and product reviews. Lot's of content to come on this channel! Hi, I'm Jay, a private indoor

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dopedev420 4 months ago
The girls look so good! I love the name purple Titties! LOL
Infalung78 4 months ago
right on Jay that's one thing I can always count on when I click on your Channel always something good Brewing or growing and you haven't let us down yet those girls look Simply Beautiful can't wait to see what the final weight is! ✌
Wabbit 4 months ago
plants across the board are looking very good man, solid grow buddy, as for your question or curiosity, it could be a pheno thing but honestly i think it is the organic soil, you end up with a different taste depending on the microbiology in your soil, same strain grown outdoors in hawaii will taste different then me growing it in my organic tent and will be very different using synthetic fertilizers, what you give your plant does translate in the end of my uncles back home grows his plants behind his fish cleaning station, like where he scales the fish and washes it before cooking, his plants always taste salty and has a slight fish taste but i always remember it being healthy and as a teenager always had a spot to get some bud:) stay safe and happy growing
SKEastCoast 4 months ago
To answer your question about the second Rotten Peaches plant, I think it's because of the synthetic vs organic food. I noticed a difference in my stuff vs commercially grown with synthetic. Even the dude that I get my qp's from said my stuff tastes better than the stuff he gets from Colorado. Probably, because they use synthetic and I use all organic nutrients and organic soil. For the first few years that I was growing I wondered why my stuff tasted so different and so many smells that the commercial didn't have. You can't beat mother natures method. I let DLgrower name my newest Wedding Cake hybrid that I made. It's now Orange Crunch Cake. I just trimmed it and it made the whole house smell like powerful fresh cut oranges and citrus. My fingers smelled like oranges and citrus for hours afterward. It makes rock hard little buds. I'll do a review on it. The garden looks great. I love that huge Purple Kush. It's bigger than the Dragon Slayer.
Zoltrix Grower 4 months ago
Some big girls in there Jay, looks great!
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