Week 2 Of Flower / Mars Hydro SP3000

Week 2 Of Flower / Mars Hydro SP3000



Published on April 25, 2021

Week 2 of Flower / Mars Hydro SP3000. Another quick update today on the 9 plants in Week 2 of Flower out in the 8' x 14' Flower Room.

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Wabbit 5 months ago
thanks for the shout out man, all your plants are looking very good man, solid as hell, and that one plant is huge like damn hahaha that will be very impressive to see finish off and i am curious on the harvest weight already, hahaha keep up the hard work my friend, stay safe and happy growing
Zoltrix Grower 5 months ago
Looking real good in there man, I like how the new bed fits in there. Be curious about the taste differences as well, I found organic tastes better but I would not say I had synthetics down pat, or the dry and cure until more recently so hard to really compare those lol
SKEastCoast 4 months ago
The plants look amazing. The Rotten Peaches plant looks just like my Gold Leaf. Going to be another killer crop. Glad to see another video.
DLgrower 4 months ago
Ladies are looking stellar dude, great work! I'll have to look for the Purple Titties and Rotten Peaches they look like some killer strains! I really like your room setup. Wabbit definitely knows how to grow, great dude. Awesome video, Happy growing Keep it lit!
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