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week 1 in 2nd flower room twtgc

week 1 in 2nd flower room twtgc

Published on December 11, 2020
showing 2nd flower room
Category : Growing/Gardening
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base79 2 years ago
Man. That Male looks healthy af! Damnit! Wish I had to space to grow regs. I have way to many to ever grow out. Such a bummer. I feel for ya bro. Everything else looking good!
SKEastCoast 2 years ago
Yup. Now you know how I felt when my most perfect most healthy plant turned out to be male. Bummer man. I was thinking when you make a batch of seeds it's less stressful to lose a few seeds when starting new plants. It sucks when you only have 3 seeds that you paid $30 for and only one pops. Plus. You learn stuff faster when you have a whole bag of seeds to play with. I'm waiting to see the sex of 3 plants in my garden.
Looking good Kenny. Too bad about the male, it's always the biggest and healthiest ones lol. Have a great weekend man!
stoner1 2 years ago
nice looking garden brother.i know what you mean,put 2 plus months of time ect,to find a male
Great work man! Hey, that's the chance you take right!? Bright side is it's on'y the one for now...Looking fantastic otherwise.