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WeedTube vs. Other Canna-Socials

WeedTube vs. Other Canna-Socials

Welcome to the second ever ArenDaily Sesh! Special thanks to those of you who were here yesterday as well. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get the original file I filmed from my iphone uploaded to WeedTube from the app or the computer and had to do the same export through Final Cut process to get

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DANKYFRANKY 1 year ago
i get what youre talking about with what you'd spend your riches on, like if im living comfortable, im going to be giving back to all sorts of resources in any way that i can help make the world a slightly better place
Snack420 1 year ago
nature sesh, we love to see it
dopedev420 1 year ago
Ron SNATCHED your seat up! LOL
Infalung78 1 year ago
right on Arend and don't worry about having a little rant here or there it's healthy you got to get it out you're only as sick as your secrets my father was a high school guidance counselor he had his master's degree and bachelor's degree in counseling and ever since I was a little kid he drove it in our heads my sister and I to talk it out funny thing is I had him as a teacher my freshman year first hour I would go in there so high my eyes is bloodshot red but that's me dad knew I smoked weed and he knew he couldn't stop me he caught me with my very first lid of grass I bought in 1973 and when I turned 18 He told me that that was the first time he tried weed and wanted to know if I could get him some weed I said hell yeah give me thirty bucks and I'll go get you a lid these were five finger bags I helped him set up a little grow room in the basement of our house for him so he didn't have to go looking for it I had some really good seeds to be continued...✌
BambiTheBoom 1 year ago
Loving the nature sesh <3 And Hi Ron

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