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Weed Trek s2e01 - The Weedtube Box

Weed Trek s2e01 - The Weedtube Box

Published on August 29, 2018
Join me (Captain Aaron) tonight as we unbox a gift from The Weedtube which has lots of cool stuff inside. And things! I like opening boxes, thank you very much for the gifts. Let's talk about legalization and what it actually means. I also have to feed the Warp Core some weed. Tonight's sample strains
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aaronbewza 4 years ago
wow cannadips look awesome! Unfortunately, I cannot order medicine across an international border, at least not until October 17th. That's "if" they actually follow through with legalization up here, I have the sneaking suspicion they are going to make things much worse out on the roads and at the workplace etc... nice product though that's cool
caveinkush 4 years ago
Try them out pre order so u can make a video of it