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Weed Trek 118 - Big D's Davette

Weed Trek 118 - Big D's Davette

That's Sebastion the cat :) Also, check out my buddy's corvette, it's pretty cool! And other more serious subjects like people who are dying from the shot. Ernest Ramirez Jr. died at the age of 16, they banned his dadfrom FB and GoFundMe, what does that tell you about this humanGMO agend

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Category : Comedy
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SKEastCoast 10 months ago
Fauci admitted that the covid has a 99% survival rate. It's no worse than the flu. Look up on infowars the number of people that died after getting the jab. Thousands. Look up the number of people that got paralyzed, got palsy in the face or went into a seizure. The jab creates blood clots in your brain that kill you bc your body is attacking itself. This whole thing is a scam. Notice in hospitals that noone is dying from heart attacks and physical injuries anymore. They all got relabeled as covid deaths in order to artificially inflate the death toll. And, it's the only death toll that doesn't reset each year so you are more afraid. Let's Go Brandon.