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Weed Trek - Question For TheWeedtube

Weed Trek - Question For TheWeedtube

Published on October 21, 2019

Join us as we try out the first space suit, and try out the King Tut.

The question for TheWeedtube is:

Why do the channels with the most views on the site show up in Autoplay column, and none of our subscriptions do? This tends to stack inadvertent views onto channels I'm not subscribed to, and de

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Category : Comedy
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I agree with you on that, I have given that point as feedback to theweedtube previously and I await to see what can be done about it. The autoplay is playing the first recommended video, which always takes you away from the channel, I have never been recommended a video from the channel I'm currently watching and that works against me. I have never been into any of the next recommended videos let's put it that way, like a friend who keeps recommending movies you don't like eventually you stop listening to them. There should be sufficient data now to train the algorithm better for my viewing choices.
ephradina 3 years ago
Omg I love the Idiocracy reference!!!
tokeG 3 years ago
I think you vids are great guys i watch every weed Trek. Give the little guys some friggin auto clicks eh.
SmashDab 3 years ago
I agree totally on the auto play . Great video , y’all crack me up
we get enough people to ask the same question, they get answered!!!