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WEED REVIEW #49 LEMON VERSACE From Bluehousegrow

WEED REVIEW #49 LEMON VERSACE From Bluehousegrow

Published on January 14, 2022

Checking out some Lemon Versace sent to me by Kenny at bluehousegrow. Sorry for the sudden ending. I thought I was unpausing the video. But, I stopped it instead. I couldn't see the screen very well bc of the bright lights. Taste scored a low 4.0 bc it tasted like a bunch of dry leaves. The thc

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ZoltrixGrower 10 months ago
So? haha. I had made some nice hash with the LV I grew a ways back, was good.
SKEastCoast 10 months ago
Sorry. I goofed up and stopped the video instead of pasing it. And, I only had enough weed to make one video.