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WEED REVIEW #53 GODSLATO Grown By Bluehousegrow

WEED REVIEW #53 GODSLATO Grown By Bluehousegrow

Published on January 29, 2022

This is another strain I created about 2 years ago. I got some GodfatherOG from Pacific Seed Bank and crossed them with some Gelato seeds. I sent some of those seeds to Bluehousegrow and he named them Godslato. He grew it and sent me a sample to review.

Category : Reviews
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Wabbit 1 year ago
another solid review, right on man, stay safe and happy growing
Sorry to hear about the leak man, that sucks. Been there with the over drying. It took a bit to get good at, and even longer to perfect. I just did a 17 day hang where the temp stayed 59-63°F and the humidity stayed 56-60% and after first tests, I am very pleased! 4x4 tent with a 6 inch fan on low in one corner below the plants, and above a cool mist humidifier. Humidifier plugs into an rh controller as was the exhaust fan and filter. Hung only 3 plants but leaves and all. Being winter I only had to crack a window to keep it cool and being in the basement it didn't effect the thermostat upstairs lol. It may be a lot, but works perfect for the dry, cold winters where your furnace is always going, and in summer I already run an a/c at times in the room as it shares the room with my pc and trimming area. Enjoyed the video man!
stoner1 1 year ago
cool review brother. I try to remember to give you the credit for the godslato side of the girl I got going from Kenny,but it is around midnight and I'm stoned as f... when I'm filming it lol. the one I'm growing isn't the biggest one, but she is and was putting out terps about 2-3 weeks before the flip. if it makes sense, it smells like a skunk filled pastry lol. that sux about the spider mites. hopefully they didn't spread through the whole garden. keep growing and stay safe brother 🙏
we been lookin at other ways to dry I gt two baskets n just bought a fan for it we think that we took that plant longer then we should have on growing but thanks for doin the review hope all is well cheers