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Wax Pens , Batteries and Cartridge Talk + (-40 chills)

Wax Pens , Batteries and Cartridge Talk + (-40 chills)

Published on January 13, 2020

Talking about the wax pens batteries cartridges and fake cartridges, cant leave my house so come smoke with me lol

Category : WeedTube
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dopedev420 3 years ago
Great video as always!
Infalung78 3 years ago
you like to dab have you heard of the Rio for cold start it's the best out there you can be dabbing within 30 seconds check it out go to the site puff it up. ✌
SKEastCoast 3 years ago
You should make a video when it's -40 outside where you take a cup full of super hot water and throw the water into the air and see if it freezes before it hits the ground. I've always wanted to do that. There's a bunch of videos on youtube of people doing it.
RosinSmoke 3 years ago
it time to get your own rosin press you smoke so much you could of paid for 10 of them.