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WAKE N BAKE: What's Franky Been Up To?

WAKE N BAKE: What's Franky Been Up To?

Goodmorning stoners!! So glad to be uploading on the weedtube! my favorite platform to be on!

Check out Dabber Docks products or on their IG @Dabber_Dock

You can find my shirt along with other cool 420 ones like it at CANNIBALSATIVA.COM

Lets be sesh buddies ! >


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marie 1 year ago
that pizza ashtray is so fun!
HoneyNutHeroine 1 year ago
Frankyyyy!! Being busy is not a lame excuse, it's totally understandable as I've noticed quite a few people have kind of fallen off for awhile, including myself. Especially with COVID still happening, Life is chaotic but that's why TWT is so amazing, so we still have a way to connect with others with common interests. I personally couldn't do reviews, I'm not experienced or knowledgeable enough of all the different kinds of weed and for me, the effects are always different, no two highs are alike so I couldn't really give an opinion on specifics, but I do enjoy watching others do reviews, I love seeing peoples' experiences, takes and enthusiasms, makes me want to broaden my horizons and try more. We're all our own worst critics. That pizza ashtray is absolutely beautiful! I wouldn't want to use it though and risk getting it dirty. XD Makin' me want to make things. That Sour Strawberry Elf Stones looks and sounds nice! I still have yet to try dabbing.
marie 1 year ago
ok all of them are fun! lol. I made a penis ashtray years ago and a friend took it with him when he moved out but I believe he still has it. the titty ashtray is my favourite though!
dopedev420 1 year ago
CalebPomeroy 1 year ago
I feel you on all the mental health troubles, hang in there dude

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