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Wake N Bake Feat. Super Lemon Haze

Wake N Bake Feat. Super Lemon Haze

wake n bake !! sativa day yooo. we streaming everyday on twitch if yall have questions or just wanna kick it!! turn them notifications on :D
Youtube : Medicated Matt
Twitch : Medicatedmattyt
Insta : Medicatedcanasian
TheWeedtube : Matthewwayneng

Category : WeedTube
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muskrat-mafia 2 years ago
nice snap on that bowl dude! I like your sense of humor as well. I subbed so keep this content running!
dopedev420 2 years ago
"that was kind of beautiful" LOLOL
coastalgirl420 2 years ago
hell yeah, wake n bake everyday! helps me wake up and get ready to fuck shit up!
Leefhed 2 years ago
Very Nice bud review. U made Super Lemon Haze sound amazing. I'm an Indica person myself + only bake ~4:20. Anyhoo. We r smoking The Mac by Zoz Cannabis here in WA. It's Alien Cookies x Colombian x Star Fighter.

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