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Vlogmas Day 2 The Remake!

Vlogmas Day 2 The Remake!

Published on December 17, 2020

Let's redo a old video from vlogmas 2 years ago and see how much has changed since then! That's not all it's also a 2nd attempt to fill the car with smoke. I hope you all enjoy, leave a like and comment below, Happy Holidays! Stay Blazed, Stay Dazed.

Category : Vlogmas
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budbart 1 year ago
Hey, Blazed... that was one of the best you've ever done. You really let your hair down and gave great content. Would have bet you'd rather be a strain reviewer, but when you discussed why you'd rather be a grower, that was really interesting. Good job, man. Also liked your sativa vs. Indica answer. Used to be the same way and had the same reaction (hang over time) with sativa (Sour Jack hybrid). When you turned me on to Tweedle Farms and Hawaiian Haze, I had much better experiences. They were certainly not as intense or uplifting CBD, not THC) but no after-effects and really quite pleasant and enjoyable. But that's why I enjoy your comments on the strains. They're really helpful in steering which way to go. You always have great reasoning and great descriptions. Really like your mellow style and don't think you "ramble" at all. You give really good, solid and thoughtful descriptions. Thanks. Hotbox. Always watch to the very end. Use smoky car for closing titles! peace and thanks.
Great vid! Thanks for sharing your perspective
hotbox bro and cheers tf up