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vlogmas day 2 // my career in the cannabis industry

vlogmas day 2 // my career in the cannabis industry

Published on December 03, 2019

VLOGMAS day 2! Hai! Here's a sit down video on how i entered the cannabis industry! As always if you enjoyed please LIKE & SUBSCRIBE!

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Category : Vlogmas
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stoneyspike 2 years ago
Love the festive vibes in your space!
kailee_cub 2 years ago
You rock! Love your videos! Just now getting caught up on your vlogmas! love you girl (:
dopedev420 2 years ago
Loved this. Great video ❤
stonedvegan 2 years ago
first of all i love your sweater! and also i didnt know that you spoke spanish or that you are a veteran! thats amazing <3 also i love your story! i feel like i got to know you a lot better through this video
Biggchunx 2 years ago
this is such a beautiful story. that's the vibes right there! I understand you with the hiding in the back. me n chunxx used to work at McDonalds together and I'd hide in the back washing the spoons cuz my anxiety was that bad! poor chunxx death with the line tho sadly