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Vlogmas Day 1 2020

Vlogmas Day 1 2020

Published on December 09, 2020

Another year another series of Vlogmas videos for the channel and heres Day 1, Cheers guys. This one was just a little introduction to what I have planned this year so I hope you enjoyed and stay tuned for all the festive content coming soon. Happy Holidays, Stay Blazed, Stay Dazed.

Category : Vlogmas
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kailee_cub 2 years ago
snow bong with food coloring :)
budbart 2 years ago
Ho. Ho. Ho. Nicely done, Blazed. Will look forward to more Vlogmas videos. My guesses: colors, well, maybe something with hard candy and g gumdrops. Know you're not into edibles, but... could see a possible link. Really liked the holiday bongs, too -- colors festive. Snowman and polar bear are at the top of the list. Thanks for the brand you're smoking. Looking forward to more, you elf. Ha. Peace.
dopedev420 2 years ago
1. love the added color water and 2. that poster on your wall is everything!!! haha