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vlogmas #5 grasscity bong unboxing

vlogmas #5 grasscity bong unboxing

Published on December 08, 2021
thank you for watching this vlogmas unboxing
Category : Vlogmas
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ts420 1 year ago
Why does the host in the pink hair actually kinda have a good voice? πŸ˜‚ I was kinda shocked. Like honestly if they were trying to sing in a genuine way and maybe took some lessons you would be good. Also y’all are a vibe. Very confused about the living situation but either way y’all make very entertaining content.
dopedev420 1 year ago
That thing is so tiny!!
(I miss my bubbler, I got rubbing alcohol on the ring that seals in the mini bowl/downstem, so it cracked and snapped off) that herb strain thouu must be stellar! You know its good when you wanna sing Christmas song bits post hit lol PS: Snow furbaby is a natural camera star 😍