vlog #6

vlog #6



Published on May 17, 2021
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Category : Vlog Life


Infalung78 2 months ago
right on cool video drones are fun to fly once you get the feel for it and one thing to remember is always remember the nose of the Drone that way it makes it a hell of a lot easier manipulating the Drone around things I bought my first one about 5 1/2 years ago when they were pretty new there were a lot of different versions and you had to know which one to pick I got lucky once I have about four or five different ones and they are fun and like I said just remember where you know what the nose of it is that way should always know the front you can go through obstacle courses all different kinds of things just remember where your nose is can't wait to see the next one catch you on the flip side brother. ✌
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