Vlog # 1

Vlog # 1 "Why WeedTube?" (Awww Abbi learns how to vlog!)



Published on March 30, 2020

Abbi finally conquers her fears and does something she has wanted to do for years...starts a vlog. Turns out, she just needed to find the right place for her stoner ass to vlog, and also get high enough to stop being a coward! Watch as Abbi tries to stumble through vlogging, stick it through to the

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stevensj4307 1 year ago
Good job! I'm working on writing my Life Experiences in a book, and making videos sharing my life experiences...LOL! I'm a stoner, a single mother, a Christian who believes in our heavenly Father who loves us, and gave us Jesus Christ to pay for all of our sins, and now whosoever believes in Him is a new creature, all things are passed away, and all things become new in Christ Jesus, and I'm filled with His Holy Spirit who is my comforter, and helper, and I'm a baby boomer hippie! Grace and Peace to you man!
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