Viparspectra Grow Series Finale! | Growing with Viparspectra | P2000

Viparspectra Grow Series Finale! | Growing with Viparspectra | P2000


Zoltrix Grower

Published on October 03, 2021

Hello and thanks for Clicking today!
Today we look at our remaining Gorilla Glue in her new home, and the overstuffed veg tent! Hope you enjoyed the Viparspectra Series! Filmed September 18 2021.
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bluhousegrow 2 weeks ago
everything lookin great I love the viperspector p2500 I just started flower on monday keep up the great work happy growing
Staci420 2 weeks ago
Everything looks awesome bud!! Looks like you have found the sweet spot with them lights, nice node spacing and big full plants. Can't wait to see what you have planned next!
Infalung78 2 weeks ago
girls are looking good the buds look like they're going to be really really full I think you were talking about Matt he used to be on weedtube as the nomadic native he knows what he's doing I've known him for about two and a half years he knows what he's doing I've learned a lot from him catch you on the flip side. ✌
BeckyY 2 weeks ago
Dude, looks like it will be a great run!
BthaMAN420 2 weeks ago
liked the series dude and can't wait to see whats next! You getting new lights again, new strains?
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