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veg room update.

veg room update.

Published on October 09, 2020
1 week away from flower or so.
Category : Growing/Gardening
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bluhousegrow 1 year ago
girls lookin great I'm sure she will bounce back just fine happy growing
IckyStickies 1 year ago
Looking good here too mate. What a super idea to use a wee bit of wood to keep the big leaf from going over top of the little auto! haha. Have you got a couple of little branches, on the mother, spare? Would just be a shame if the two clones didn't work out, so I always take double just in case - can always throw two of the smaller ones out if they all end up working. But just an idea. I must admit I am no good when it comes to throwing stuff out so I always end up with way too much but better than not enough lol. Cheers again maaaaate!

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