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Vancouver 420 2018 Clipshow - with 4:20 countdown - Lex's World

Vancouver 420 2018 Clipshow - with 4:20 countdown - Lex's World

My clip show of Vancouver 420 2018 – no live stream from the grounds due to ongoing issues around strikes, but at least my channel is still up. I did a short live-stream on the FB page…either way, figured I’d put together a few clips to give you guys a taste of how my Vancouver 42

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Category : Potcasts
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doom 4 years ago
I used to live on Beach Ave!!! In TO now and it's nothing like the West Coast.
theoldcolonycultivator 4 years ago
Why now? I just don’t understand their discretion. I think some of the remaining channels have some form of legal representation. I don’t know. Good luck I hope you get it back.
legion 4 years ago
Glad you made it. I followed you on YouTube and I'm thankful for the work you do and all the educational videos past to present. Thank you

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