upgrade to the bluhouse part 1 twtgc

upgrade to the bluhouse part 1 twtgc



Published on September 05, 2021
was talking to skeastcoast about leds so he recomanded the p2500 from viperspectra
go check out skeastcost page great guy
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SKEastCoast 1 month ago
That will get the job done. It's perfect. Also, having two light sources gives you the option to have one low light and one high light for short plants and tall plants. Group them together. Then you don't need boxes to adjust the canopy. I would rather have two p2500 lights instead of one p4000. You are set now.
Zoltrix Grower 1 month ago
upgrades look good Kenny, lights will do well. I'm always in the 80's, When I ran less I had slower smaller growth. Look forward to seeing how you like the lights
rysbigbuds 1 month ago
You will love those new lights. We are doing great here and that lemon is fire man. Hope all is good. Stay safe and happy growing. Cheers
Wabbit 1 month ago
those lights will be way cooler then your old ones, you will just have to reregulate your room to get to the proper temp and humidity for your set up, and in the end a very solid upgrade for your grow set up, you will be loving leds by the end of your grow, plants will be happy and so will your pocket book, bluehouse is gonna blow up with plants woot, stay safe and happy growing
base79 1 month ago
Man any video that starts with some Skynard I know is gonna be a banger! 😎 I thought that sticky trap was gonna fly and get stuck on your face a couple times. You had me worried Teddy BROsevelt!!! I love the new setup! It should work well in that area! You got some good air movement in there which is key. Cant wait to see ya get going in here.
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