Unboxing the P4000 from Viparspectra!

Unboxing the P4000 from Viparspectra!


Zoltrix Grower

Published on April 17, 2021

Hello and thanks for Clicking today!

Today we make a HUGE Announcement and we open up a brand new light!

It would sure mean a lot to me if you hit the Like button, drop a Comment down below, and Subscribe to my channel!!

Thanks for watching I’ll see you all next time, and as always, Happy G

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Zoltrix Grower 5 months ago
Stay tuned because there is lots more to come!
Wabbit 5 months ago
very nice light my friend, thats gonna be a beefy addition to your set up, cant wait to see it in place and powering your tent, excited to see plants blowing up under it, hopefully you have it set up already, hahahahaha thanks for the update my friend, stay safe and happy growing
BSLady 5 months ago
sweet light dude!
BthaMAN420 5 months ago
Thats awesome dude! something is so wrong with this site/app today. videos are only showing up in recently added and all day if I could log in it messes up when I try and like or comment
Staci420 5 months ago
Wow that is some light bud!
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