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Unboxing on Edibles! - The Mod Sun Box (Hippie Butler)

Unboxing on Edibles! - The Mod Sun Box (Hippie Butler)

Published on April 16, 2019

Hey everyone! I hope you enjoyed this Hippie Butler unboxing! I had a lot of fun making this video, as always, and I love the design and aesthetic of the Mod Sun box.

Make sure to check out for your smoking needs!

Use code β€œarend” for $$$ off your purchases a

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joshuatypes 3 years ago
AREEEEND I GOT THE APP!!!! THANK YOU!!! Even the ads on here are perfect I love it!!!
commenting to you FROM THE APP!! SO fucking proud of you all
tbock1313 3 years ago
yay Arend and the rest of my stoner fam. Love the APP.
clohejade 3 years ago
watching this on the new updated site! i think the like and dislikes are great, as well as replies in the comments, and the videos on the side look so greAT!! however when the video ends mine still automatically goes to the next video, where i would like it to pause so i can write comments! well done its freaking fantastic <3
I love this app so much. Its so beautiful and efficient. I was super happy to find I no longer feel the urge to have to skip the ads ahah. I loved your Ccell vapes and vpm ad it was awesome. :3