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Unboxing Mail From Bluehousegrow

Unboxing Mail From Bluehousegrow

I got a package from Kenny at Bluehousegrows. It took me two days to upload this video.

Category : Growing/Gardening
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SKEastCoast 8 months ago
Looks like I have some review videos to make now. Go check out bluehousegrow.
ZoltrixGrower 8 months ago
Nice, I like swapping samples with a few up here
Dans420Chronicles 8 months ago
I love it when i get so baked i forget what day it is lol!! Great video! Have a good one man!
bluhousegrow 8 months ago
nice glad you got the package cant wait for the reviews keep up the great videos
Thud 8 months ago
Hey SK, I responded on the contest video page. Will text you during daylight. Check this young man! $67.95. 1 lb (16 oz) GNATROL WDG Kill Fungus Gnat Larvae OMRI / FRESHEST Product on eBay + Amazon $8.95 Catchmaster 931 Giant Fly Glue Trap (1 Foot wide 30 Feet Long). I PROMISE you you will never look back. I bet Kenny used vac-sealed bags for K9 reasons. I know some who vomit if they see buds squished in a vacuum-seal bag. Their head spins around and green vomit comes out really! Instead, buy a Seal A Meal Mason Jar Vacuum Sealing Adapter, and get a Mini-Vac Black Plastic Hand Pump. Nothing works faster or easier. Forget Brake Bleeders they are all crap. Anyway SK, CUT The Hose that pokes into the Seal-A-Meal Mason Jar Adapter for hands free, and save the other end in case you lose this end. Plug it onto the Mini Vac. I get 25inHg on even 2 Quart Mason Jars. So nice. So fresh! Terpenes so long lasting!!! Ha ha! Stanky Danky! What a name! Makes me want to smoke some right now!

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