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TWTGC  wk8/wk4 sour cheese and grape crunch

TWTGC wk8/wk4 sour cheese and grape crunch

Published on July 18, 2021
wk8 sour cheese organic grow top dressed w/ dr earth and watered with recharge 2 have shown pistels and getting topped for the 2nd time wk4 grape crunch organic grow top dress with Dr earth and watered with recharge topped a 2nd time
Category : Growing/Gardening
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Opex 1 year ago
I would water 1/2 as much, as it is obvious from the leaves, the bucket size, the color of medium, age of the plants, etcetera that they have all been stunted from over watering. When the plants get bigger like in mid flower, than I would water the way you are currently. They do not currently have the roots to absorb or even need the level of water they are receiving. Just some advice :) Anyway, happy growing growmie!
Looking good man, been reading up on companion planting myself.