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TWTGC Wk1 flower sour cheese and grape crunch.

TWTGC Wk1 flower sour cheese and grape crunch.

Published on August 20, 2021
wk1 of full flower ,I started 2wks ago lowering time by an hour a day for 7 days to reach a 11/13 light schedule. buds are starting to set good on all 4 girls. I believe with the slow drop of light hours,the stretch started earlier than expected and may only have a week left going by bud formation.
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Category : Growing/Gardening
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How are you liking using a diminishing lighting schedule? Is this the first time you have flipped to flower this way? I have grown using a diminishing lighting schedule, and less hours of light during veg, than most growers do, for years now! I started out growing on like 20 and 4 schedule in veg, and then would give a 24 or 36 hour darkness period before flipping to 12/12 for flower! In flower I stayed on 12/12, like most people grow like! But then I started playing with lighting times and tried to get things closer to growing outdoors and have never looked back! I have always tried to mimic nature when I grow indoors, and have had my best yields and overall growth doing so! Shit when I am in my last week of flower, I have had great success only running my lights for 9.5 hours on! I just find it funny that so many growers think that they have to run their lighting so much more than is really needed! Look to nature! Your ladies are looking great stoner1! Keep it up my friend!
Looking good. I'm stuck in trim jail. Trimming up some Dragon Slayer and making finger hash. Great video.
everything is looking well ! glad that males long gone lol. stay safe out there brother , looking forward to seeing how those flowers turn out :)